PVThe Jeffco school board has placed dozens of schools on the possible closure list since they were elected in 2015.

They have said elementary schools with under 300 students were not efficient to run and should be subject to closure. In April of 2016 the board considered closing Glennon Heights and Pleasant View. They also considered closing ten smaller elementary schools and building five super-sized schools. Schools which were considered for closure and consolidation included: Allendale and Campbell; Parr and Little; Prospect Valley and Kullerstrand; Stober and Vivian; Kendricks Lake and Patterson. By January of 2017 the board had delayed the consolidation plans but considered closing 5 different schools: Peck, Pennington, Pleasant View, Stober, Swanson and relocating Long View High School. In February of 2017 the board decided to close Pleasant View but said they weren’t finished with closures and there would be more. The vote to close Pleasant View was unanimous. Board member Susan Harmon also voted to close Stober and Board member Brad Rupert voted to close Pennington.

This chart shows a list of schools that might be under 300 students if the board moves 6th graders to middle school. This means possible closure:

under 600

A little background:

In 2008, the school board, recognizing that district enrollment was declining, convened a facility usage committee” with nearly 40 community members. After almost a year of study, the committee presented options to the school board. In early 2010, the school board closed Russell Elementary in Arvada. The building was eventually sold to the county and now houses a Head Start Program. In 2011, after closed door negotiations with the unions, the district recommended closing Zerger and Martensen elementary schools despite the Superintendent having said earlier in 2011  that “no schools would be closed.”


Information on Possible School Closures:

All five school board members threatened to close Pleasant View and Glennon Heights; They also threatened to close and replace with super-sized schools, Patterson and Kendrick Lakes, Allendale and Campbell, Parr and Little, Prospect Valley and Kullerstrand, Vivian and Stober.

April 2016 First School Closure Conversation:http://www.boarddocs.com/co/jeffco/Board.nsf/files/A95RB868AA17/$file/PRESENTATION%20Facility%20Master%20Plan%20(FMP).pdf

June of 2016 the board discusses closing and consolidating over a dozen schools: Takes Pleasant View off the closure list.


January 26, of 2017 Jeffco school board surprises communities, considers closing 5 schools: Peck, Pennington, Pleasant View, Stober, Swanson and relocating Long View High School.



School Closures Could disproportionately hurt disadvantaged students: http://www.rmpbs.org/blogs/news/disadvantaged-students-more-likely-to-be-impacted-by-jeffco-school-closures/

February of 2017 School board closes Pleasant View to find $25 million for pay increases http://www.denverpost.com/2017/02/09/jeffco-school-closures-meeting/